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Fireplace cladding for home



For many, the fireplace is presented as a cozy place for romantic get-togethers with a glass of wine and a leisurely heart-to-heart conversation, or perhaps just a warm corner of the family hearth, where it is so nice to gather with relatives and discuss everyday affairs.

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Fireplace cladding natural stone

For many, the fireplace is presented as a cozy place for romantic gatherings with a glass of wine and a leisurely heart-to-heart conversation, or perhaps just a warm corner of the family hearth, where it is so pleasant to gather with relatives and discuss everyday affairs. Human nature is arranged in such a way that he subconsciously associates fire and warmth with safety and comfort, which is why the dance of fire fascinates and attracts him so much.
Arranging a fireplace in a private house is a responsible matter. It is important to comply with all sanitary standards and choose the right finishing material, which will not only be visually attractive but also fire-resistant, durable, and safe for health in terms of its physical properties. Creating a kind of oasis of peace and comfort, it must be remembered that natural stone in the decoration of the fireplace must withstand mechanical damage, and physical activity and have high heat resistance.

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Modern Kitchen Countertops

Choosing Your Natural Stone Cladding

Often, the arrangement of a country house begins with the arrangement of a family hearth – a fireplace. It is the design style of this sacred zone in the house that sets the tone for the entire interior, which is why it is so important to think through everything to the smallest detail. Why do most people prefer natural materials? There are a number of reasons for this:

  • high aesthetic values,
  • unique and inimitable natural pattern,
  • when heated, toxic substances and smoke are not emitted,
  • material is safe for health,
  • durability.
  • practicality

Depending on the type of natural stone you choose, the service life of the product can vary from several decades to several centuries. For example, a fireplace lined with limestone or colored marble will begin to lose its “freshness” after 30-70 years. Much also depends on the operating conditions and maintenance of the fireplace. Granite and marble are the least whimsical in maintenance. Granite is a volcanic rock that lends itself well to processing and is not afraid of mechanical damage. Marble has an exquisite pattern and a solid structure; a fireplace portal in marble cladding looks respectable, aristocratic and elegant.

The natural stone catalog of stones contains a wide selection of the most unusual and luxurious natural minerals: from aristocratic marble in the most beautiful cream colors to practical and durable volcanic rocks. We can choose a stone for any style and interior design, and our professionals will make a fireplace portal of any shape and size according to your sketches and wishes.

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Installing Stone Cladding on Fireplaces

When installing natural stone cladding on a fireplace, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Use a Heat-Resistant Adhesive

Even if your chimney breast is heat-resistant, we highly recommend using a heat-resistant adhesive when installing your interior stone cladding. By using a heat-resistant adhesive, you ensure your cladding’s longevity and decrease the likelihood of cracks.

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