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Marble staircase in the house



Marble is a classic material with which you can give your home a spectacular look. This natural stone fits perfectly into almost any interior design. Marble staircase make a home look rich

marble staircase 2

A marble staircase in the house is an excellent way to emphasize the elegance and grace of the interior design of your mansion or cottage.

Marble is characterized by:

  • aesthetics;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • high strength;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • wide finishing possibilities.

marble staircase


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A modern take on style

Marble is a versatile material that fits equally well into both classic and ultra-modern interior variations.

Where and what stylistic decision would be appropriate?

  • The classic style requires maintaining the symmetry and harmony of the forms of each element. It is characterized by simplicity and sophistication. In this case, it is best to use pastel-colored marble for stairs, but white and black variations are acceptable. At the same time, mirrors in forged baguettes, as well as expensive decor elements designed in a restrained style, are best suited as a decorative frame.
  • French classicism requires an emphasis on the luxury of the interior. Light polished marble is the best suited for this purpose.
  • English classicism is more conservative, so if your interior is designed in this style, use marble in matte neutral tones to finish the stairs.
  • Baroque is a style popular among representatives of modern bohemia. The sophistication of marble stairs in this version must be emphasized with the help of forged railings and decorative elements.
  • Hi-tech is a youth style, also known as “style of the future” and “high-tech style”. The dominant in this case are metal and glass. However, the marble staircase is also able to aesthetically fit into cutting-edge design solutions. To do this, it is better to use the option with separate steps made of cold-colored marble. So you can ensure harmony between the decor elements and effectively fit the staircase into the stylistic concept.

marble staircase

Why marble?

It is no secret that in addition to marble, stairs are made of wooden and metal structures. However, unlike metal and wood, the stone is not affected by corrosion and decay. In addition, it has high aesthetics, asepsis, and environmental friendliness. It is due to these factors that marble is the leader in the market of finishing materials.

Among its undeniable advantages:

  • excellent moisture resistance;
  • truly huge service life;
  • rich color palette with a unique pattern;
  • the ability to manufacture any decor elements;
  • no need for special care – periodic light polishing and dusting is sufficient.

marble staircase

Nuances of operation

Marble, despite its high wear resistance, can be damaged by constant exposure to sunlight or regular cleaning with an abrasive-based cleaner. You can protect the marble staircase with a special product containing beeswax. It forms the thinnest protective film on the surface of the steps, which is not afraid of UV rays.

Marble is a slippery material. Especially when wet. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the steps are kept clean and dry. It is best to install special rubber pads on them. They will prevent slipping and possible injury.

Do you really want to enrich your interior with a marble staircase, but finances “sing romances”? Do not rush to get upset in advance! Use marble tiles or chips to decorate a wooden or metal staircase. A huge number of options for such products are now presented on the building materials market, including artificial marble.

Natural Stone Marble Staircase

Natural Stone marble staircases is best installed in the house. On the street, this stone can be damaged under the influence of the negative influence of the environment.

If you have chosen a white marble staircase for your interior, make sure what fasteners will be used during its installation. The use of raw metal is fraught with unsightly yellow spots. And not the fact that they will be able to withdraw. For this reason, only stainless steel fasteners should be used.

marble staircase

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Marble is a classic material with which you can give your home a spectacular look. This natural stone fits perfectly into almost any interior design. Marble staircase make a home look rich A marble staircase in the house is an excellent way to emphasize the elegance...Marble staircase in the house