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Natural Stone Guide for Spa-Style Bathrooms



In today’s fast-paced world, gadgets, news, and cataclysms increase stress levels daily. And the house becomes a real refuge from the negativity of the outside world and a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. In particular, bathrooms have become the center of attention, acting as a haven from the stresses of the day. While the trend of creating spa aesthetics in the bathroom is not new, it cannot be denied that the desire to create a comfortable and relaxing space is growing every year. The natural stone Guide for spa-style bathrooms was written for you to give ideas


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The surfaces you choose for your bathroom will play a vital role in the overall finish and feel of the space. Natural stone is ready to give your bathroom a luxurious and soothing atmosphere, a spirit of contemplation and enlightenment. There are many varieties of stone with different properties, colors and textures to consider when designing your spa.


As with any room in the house, color choices can affect our mood and overall state of mind, so it’s important to consider whether you prefer dark or light colors in your spa bathroom.

There is no right or wrong answer, the final decision will ultimately come down to personal choice – some may find a dark and gloomy color more comfortable, while others may prefer a light, delicate and crystal clear finish. The key is to plan your entire space before making this decision, from the layout to choosing your tub, sink, and furniture. You may have already chosen your marble, onyx, granite or quartzite slab to be the centerpiece of your project.

From wall and floor decor to eye-catching sink backsplashes, there are several ways to plan your space to make sure it meets all your interior design needs.

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Offering a distinctly clean and classic appeal, there is something very soothing about beautiful cream and white marble. And for a minimalist, modern or brutal bathroom, you can choose a stone with a concrete effect – black and gray slate or soapstone with a matte finish. These types of surfaces are the perfect backdrop for a crisp white freestanding bathtub. They are perfect for creating a clutter-free space where you are guaranteed to get the energy in the morning and the relaxation you need in the evening.

For a completely uniform and seamless look, consider using the same surface on walls, countertops, and shelves. The appearance of a non-breakable natural stone wall will create a sense of openness and help achieve the ideal discreet spa environment.

spa STYLE Bthroom 7


Lighting is often the key to your comfort zone and is especially important for understanding how your surfaces will look in a bathroom. Artificial lighting comes in different shades, from cold to warm tones. The best solution is to take samples of the surfaces you are considering for your bathroom and place them around the room at different angles to make sure you know how they will look in the room. The surface of the stone may well have a different look than when you come and choose your marble or onyx from our gallery!

While natural light isn’t essential to creating the spa of your dreams, it can really expand the space and offer that connection to the outside world that is so integral to spa aesthetics. Floor-to-ceiling windows next to a freestanding bathtub are a dream come true, but you just have to make sure you choose the perfect materials. Polished or matte, dark or light, with an original ornament or plain – the assortment of natural stones from Charm Stone will not leave indifferent even the most demanding customer. Make sure you test some samples in daylight as well as artificial light so you can really see how the surface will look in your bathroom.

spa STYLE Bthroom 6


Who said spa bathrooms couldn’t have color? As with any other room in the house, the choice is yours, and the choice should come down to the color that makes you feel happy and at ease. Green shades look especially good in the bathroom, as they complement white fixtures beautifully, adding a relaxing effect. Often associated with a feeling of revitalization and vivacity, blue can also be easily used in bathrooms. If you are choosing slab or tile in a brighter color for your bathroom, the key thing to remember is not to make the end result look too busy. A large-format slab of colored marble with wonderful veins can easily overshadow a space if not planned properly, so consider combining more lively, more colorful surfaces with neutral palettes and laconic elements. The end result will be a space that offers a lot of character, yet serves as a center of calm and relaxation.

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This article is of interest to you.

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In today's fast-paced world, gadgets, news, and cataclysms increase stress levels daily. And the house becomes a real refuge from the negativity of the outside world and a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. In particular, bathrooms have become the center of attention, acting as...Natural Stone Guide for Spa-Style Bathrooms