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What is the Best Countertop Material for Kitchens?



Kitchens are one of the most important areas of our homes where daily life has passed. Especially for those who love to eat, the importance of the kitchen, its decoration, and usefulness come to the fore. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in selecting kitchen countertops.

For those who think about their family and health, some details should be considered when choosing a kitchen countertop. In addition to being economical, it should be durable, healthy, scratch-resistant, and decorative.

kitchen quartz, granite countertops
Kitchen product backdrop, interior background image

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The Most Useful Kitchen Countertop

Which One Is Better, Quartz or Granite?

While choosing kitchen countertops for its use, many people have switched to granite kitchen countertops in recent years, but quartz is one of the other alternatives. Although the selection of countertops is a difficult process between two materials, the most important point is that the texture of the material used is good.

While alternatives such as quartz and granite make it challenging to choose countertops these days, your location, decor, and preferences are still very important at this point. Although quartz is a processed stone, it has a similar structure to a synthetic marble countertop and is produced by adding different chemicals.

Granite, on the other hand, is one of the options that offer a healthier, organic, and more enjoyable process with its structure like natural stone in natural deposits.

Which Material Is Better For Kitchen Countertops?

For those who wonder which countertop is better, different alternatives can be mentioned. It should be noted that there are many options such as laminate, granite, wood, marble. Each of the preferred and widely used kitchen counter types has its own pros and cons.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops are one of the most popular materials. Natural stone-looking granite countertops are one of the models we recommend to those who say which kitchen counter they should prefer. It has a wide usage area with the various styles and integrity it adds to the kitchen decor.

Granite countertops, which are highly resistant to stains and highly resistant to heat, are also ideal considering their reasonable cost. The only disadvantage is that it brings more load to the user in transportation and installation compared to other types of benches.

Because they are heavy, they can make it difficult for you to carry them. You need to be more careful when choosing granite countertops with a stylish appearance.

kitchen with quartz countertops
An interior shot of a modern house kitchen with quartz countertops

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New Trend Kitchen Countertops

Wood Kitchen Countertops

While wood kitchen countertops are preferred due to their warm appearance, it should be noted that they are compatible with all kitchen cabinets and floors.

The statement that the wooden bench is not waterproof does not reflect the truth. Even if you use it for many years, the appearance of the wood does not change.

However, when it comes to high-temperature resistance, wooden countertops lag behind the rest. At the same time, regular maintenance is essential as the surface of wooden chairs wears down over time.

Corian Kitchen Countertop

For those who say which counter is better, Corian counters, which are a mixture of acrylic resins, minerals, and paints, are also often recommended. Hard-surfaced Corian countertops are very durable as they are resistant to scratches and impacts.

They can be used in all kinds of kitchens as they can be shaped easily. However, it is not recommended to put hot pans and trays directly on it because of its high cost.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Laminate countertops are recommended for those who will choose a kitchen countertop. Laminate countertop, made with a layer of compressed brick and lacquer, draws attention with its chemical resistance and stain resistance.

Ideal for those who want to buy a savings counter. However, heat resistance and scratch resistance are lower than other types of countertops.

What are the Features of Quartz Countertops?

  • Quartz is indeed a naturally hard mineral and can produce great strength and quality when used alone. However, since it cannot be used alone, a synthetic structure is obtained with various additives in the manufacture of quartz countertops. When this structure is provided, it is a big plus to obtain a pore-free result. In other words, quartz kitchen countertop bacteria do not multiply easily and stains are hardly visible.
  • In color, quartz countertops come in light shades such as black, white, or brown, or in different shades such as yellow, blue, gray, navy blue, or green with additives. Thanks to this structure, quartz countertops can be chosen much more freely and different kitchens can be realized.
  • In general, quartz kitchen countertops are naturally structured, easy to maintain, non-porous, and flexible. However, when quartz countertops are used in the kitchen, the reflected light will be harmful to the body, and since it contains very little radioactive gas, it may have negative effects on health and cause discoloration in a short time.
modern kitchen countertops
modern kitchen countertops

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Best Kitchen Countertops for Luxury Houses

What are the Features of Granite Countertops?

Granite, which has a natural stone structure, is used after being sorted into large blocks, cut and given the desired shape, and then polished. Although it has a very durable structure, it is very difficult to scratch and offers very good water resistance. However, quartz kitchen countertops come in many colors, white granite kitchen countertops are usually white and its shades.

Quartz countertops can be cleaned very simply with household cleaning products and cloth. But granite kitchen countertops should be sealed and polished from time to time by buffing and polishing the granite. Despite all this, granite 0 guarantees a long service life as its color is not always the same as its natural structure and has a variable tone.

Cracks in granite kitchen countertops can be easily removed. In fact, at this point, it offers much higher fracture resistance than quartz countertops. Granite counters always offer a more durable and environmentally friendly structure than quartz counters. However, although it is difficult to hide the joints at the joints on granite, its application requires a much more difficult structure than real stone.

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