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Write For Us : Granite Kitchen Countertops, Interior Design, Home Improvement & DIY

Our website is intended to provide information regarding kitchen development and other residential and office design. We appreciate your interest in contributing to our blogs and writing for us.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Write For Us

As our blogs are approached by the owners, entrepreneurs as well as developers from across the globe, we would like you to contribute some unique and exclusive content with a substantial-quality which provides a rich value to the readers of the content. Our different categories will allow you to write for us on different topics like Granite and Quartz Kitchen countertops.

So, for better quality, we have few guidelines to be followed by you. Kindly read the following guidelines before sending a blog to us! The category Interior Design has wide number of categories, looking upon them can help you determine the quality of the content.

Guest Post Policy and Guidelines

Quality Requirements:

Before you start writing content, make sure you have gone through our quality requirements. We don’t accept blogs that don’t meet the following guidelines.

  • The content should be at least 800 words. You can exceed the limit of word count with quality and informative content.
  • The content should be easy to read and understand, which an average person can also understand. While writing content, take care of the engaging writing style, we highly prefer to retain the readers on the web page for a longer span of time.
  • While reading the Write For Us page of Grnitekitchencountertops, you would have realized we have properly structured content. We also expect the same for guest post articles on the website. So add proper subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs with 70 to 100 words.
  • We are not sorry to say that we hate plagiarised content. So, prepare original content with fresh information and no grammatical errors. If you send us the spin article, our editors will catch it in a single glance, and then the content will be rejected. 
  • The content should be in the English language only. Most of our audience prefers to read in English only.

Preferred Topics and Subjects:

ArchitecturesIdeas have content related to everything, be it architectural style, interior & exterior designing, gardening, or anything. So to help you with the subject selection, we have mentioned the list of topics we accept. Have a look!

  • Architecture Design (Home, Residential, Commercial, Hotels, Cultural, Educational and Religious)
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Product Design (granite, quartz, quartzite, engineered stone, travertine, marble, etc.)
  • DIY Projects

If you have selected the topic, check whether our website has already posted or not. If we have an article on the same topic, you will have to change the subject. Or, you can always ping us if you want to discuss the subject before selecting.

Link Requirements and Policies:

A quality link can uplift the website, but a spammy link can ruin the years of hard work in building the website’s authority, which is why we have created a few link placement policies.

  • There should be only relevant and qualitative external links in the article.
  • You must place at least one internal link in the blog to take the reader to one of our blogs.
  • Add one link that will take the audience to your website in the content, but make sure it is relevant to your article.
  • We also have an author bio section for the article. So don’t forget to send your descriptive bio with your name, image, and links to all social media channels.
  • We don’t accept affiliate links in the guest post from the author’s side. So don’t place it; we will either change or remove them altogether.

Post Image Requirements:

What makes the blog post easy to read, or you can say engaging and interesting apart from writing style? The visual treat, as in images and videos. Yes, we accept both!

  • The minimum dimension of images should be 1281*1098 pixels.
  • Send us the images and videos to which you have rights. If not, cite the source. You can also download high-resolution photos from free platforms like Pexels.

P.S: We use Canva to create creative and eye-catchy header images. You should also try it once.

Editorial Rights

Note that, we have the right to edit your content for grammatical errors, plagiarism check, and engagement rate. Don’t feel offended if we ask for too many changes. Our main motive is to provide the audience, readers, and seekers with an informative solution for their problems.


We have an in-house team of SEO and social media experts to do your article’s proper promotions. Don’t worry about the promotions; they will make sure the article is posted on all our social media channels. You should also promote the piece on all your social media platforms.

Before you approach us regarding the contribution of content on our blog page, it’s a request for all to showcase us your previous content work

Where to submit?

  • Kindly send the email on us@granitekitchencountertops.net  which consists of the brief synopsis of your article.
  • If we find it interesting, we will ask you to write an article on the same, if our editorial board finds some changes in the article, we would let you make necessary changes.
  • This will be continued until we find it perfectly suitable for our website.
  • Once it is live, we will provide you with live links and acknowledgment messages through the mail.

Use Below Search Terms:-

Are you here by searching ‘Architecture write for us’? If yes, then you used the search terms and if not, then you are here from one of our blogs. Here’s a few of the search terms that will take you to websites like us with the similar niche. All you have to do is type these terms on the Google search bar and hit Enter.

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